Still Have Questions about this DIY Rug? This DIY rug technique can be used for a runner, a small rug in the kitchen or bathroom, or even a larger rug for seating areas like mine. So for example, if you use a cotton piping that is 1/6 inch thick, you may need to double that piping up in the netting to get a thick, cushy look like mine. Make your drawings look three dimensional with string art. Versatile yarn can jazz up a wall hanging, make drawings seem to pop off the page, or add color to backpacks or scarves with tassels. Look on the next page to learn how you can use yarn to jazz up a woven wall hanging. Start with a paper plate to make this a woven wall hanging. Ugh. Who wants to think about all these allergens hanging out in your carpet? If you think yarn crafts for kids are nothing more than knitting and crochet, look again. Fun to do with kids. Try to hit the stained area squarely with the tips of the bristles. You are more likely to damage the fabric if you hit it with the side of the brush. Hold the brush 2 or 3 inches above the stain. When stain-removal directions call for tamping, the only tool you need is a small brush (a soft-bristled toothbrush is usually fine). Tamping is a stain-removal technique that is effective on durable, tightly woven fabrics, but it may damage more delicate materials. Despite these drawbacks, 2 x 4 persian rug stain-resistant carpet may be a nice addition to your home if you want to prevent permanent spots on your floors. Boucherouite Rug is the home of vintage handmade moroccan area rugs. Construct a frame that you can use over and over to weave pot holders, rugs and more. Step 4: Weave pieces of colorful yarn through the slits. Step 5: As you weave the yarn, 3 x 5 persian rug thread on beads or tie in feathers.